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The aches and pains of failing joints can be excruciating. Worse yet, when this limits your ability to move freely in the way your body was designed to, the pain can be disabling. When physical therapy or other nonsurgical alternatives are no longer working, we offer full and partial joint replacement and reconstruction.

At Basin Orthopedic Surgical Specialists, our orthopedic surgeons have completed extensive training in advanced procedures such as total and partial joint replacement. Since 1998, we have been performing the latest surgical joint procedures as they become available, successfully giving suffering patients the ability to move freely and without pain. We utilize advanced diagnostic methods with Mi-Eye and other imaging tools which give us quick, accurate insight into your joint anatomy, if you are unable to obtain an MRI.


Our joint reconstruction and joint replacement surgeons at Basin Orthopedics offer comprehensive joint care. We diagnose and treat common musculoskeletal conditions affecting your joints, including:

Treatments & Procedures

Basin Orthopedic Surgical Specialists

Total joint replacement is offered when all non-operative management options have been exhausted, and arthroscopy is not an option. In total shoulder and total knee replacement, we replace the joint with an artificial device of both plastic and metal.  We utilize Visionaire patient specific instrumentation for our total knee replacements, offering extensive pre-operative planning customized to your specific anatomy. After your procedure and recovery, you will complete a customized course of physical therapy.

Our advanced NAVIO robotic-assisted partial knee replacement surgery is very similar to total knee replacement, except that a significantly smaller incision is made to access the site, and is beneficial in that you will keep the healthy parts of your knee, including the ligaments. This enables your knee to feel more natural and allows for a quicker recovery. You will be able to resume your activities of daily living pain free as soon as possible.

When you need customized joint surgery in West Texas, you need skilled surgeons trained in the latest cutting-edge procedures designed to minimize down time. Call the Orthopedic surgeons at Basin Orthopedics at (432) 332-2663 or request an appointment online today.

Advanced Techniques with Smith & Nephew

We offer patient-specific and robotic-assisted procedures designed to custom fit your joint replacement parts to your unique anatomical structures.

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Our award-winning online library is complete with procedure videos, preventive tips, and everything else you ever wanted to know about orthopedic and sports medicine conditions.

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