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Accidents are unpredictable, but your risk of minimizing injuries is within your control. Eating a healthy diet and making sure that your body is receiving the proper nutrients it needs is vital to protecting yourself from sustaining serious injuries. Even when you live an active lifestyle, regularly exercising and taking care of your body, you may still be at risk for internal issues such as low testosterone (low T) or bone density loss (osteoporosis).

As experienced orthopedic doctors, we cannot stress enough the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet. However, when you suffer from conditions such as osteoporosis or low testosterone (low T), a balanced diet is nothing without the assistance of proper supplements your body cannot supply on its own.  At your request, Basin Orthopedics will provide you with a personalized general health analysis along with recommendations for dietary or lifestyle changes and supplement suggestions.


Basin Orthopedic Surgical Specialists

With the use of on-site DEXA scanning we are able to determine the density of minerals in your bones using non-invasive diagnostic imaging. Additionally, taking your symptoms into account, we can assess the amount of testosterone your body is able to produce by taking a blood sample and processing it right here in our lab for immediate results. With the use of these on-site facilities, our Orthopedic surgeons are able to diagnose and treat low T, osteoporosis, and many other common orthopedic conditions.

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Your muscles and skeleton are the foundations of your body, and require attention and proper maintenance to keep you moving. Once our highly skilled orthopedists have determined which vitamins, minerals, or hormones your body requires, we will work with you to determine the best supplements for your treatment. Our pharmaceutical grade, non-GMO supplements are all gluten-, soy-, lactose, and casein free. 

Would you like professional assistance with the monitoring and treatment of existing conditions that affect your bone health, such as low T or osteoporosis? Contact the Basin Orthopedic Surgical Specialists team today at (432) 332-2663 or request an appointment online for a comprehensive health analysis with one of our bone specialists today.

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