Fractures & Injuries

Basin Orthopedic Surgical Specialists

Here at Basin Orthopedics, we realize accidents are not scheduled events. When they occur, they can be highly disruptive to your daily life. That’s why we offer same day and next day appointments when you need us most.

When possible, we utilize pain management and non-operative treatments, such as physical therapy, to treat injuries. If surgery is required, our highly trained and experienced orthopedic surgeons use the latest and most minimally invasive procedures (when possible) to repair fractures and tears. This allows us to minimize the strain on your body as well as your recovery time.

Common adult injuries include:

  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Wrist fractures
  • Knee ligament sprains and tears
  • Ankle sprains and fractures

Common pediatric injuries include:

  • Wrist fractures (Buckle fractures)
  • Forearm fractures
  • Knee ligament sprains and tears
  • Ankle sprains and fractures

Each injury will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and we may ask to review x-rays you may have obtained from another facility prior to scheduling an appointment. Please call (432) 332-2663 for more information.

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